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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Data centre migration - NetBackup BMR for Solaris clients

Need some advise on migration strategy to migrate Solaris based physical clients from one DC to another. The target DC is a different NetBackup domain. The client data is hosted on EMC and NetApp storage. There is no network connectivity between sour...

Itegral by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup SSO - issues writing to tape library across the domain

I am having some issues in writing to a shared (SSO) library from across the AD domain. We have capacity based licensing model using NetBackup version There are 2 x AD domains A.local & There is a firewall between the two AD domains. H...

Itegral by Level 6
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Resolved! command to display the schedule name of the policies

Hi Team, need help here. May i know the command that displayed the schedule name of the policies. i used bppllist -U but its only display the policy name. i just want to display also the schedule name. sample: policy name schedule name test Full back...

Agent47 by Level 4
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Resolved! How to use maximum slots of SL500 StorageTek tape library?

Hi, I have SL500 tape library at our site. We have 100 tapes in the library slots.There are many more free slots in it, but i am not able to use these free slots when i do inventory. Can any say what is the reason for this. How to add tapes to this f...

rman problem with Netbackup 6.5.6

Do not know much about Oracle DBA. He has a policy for the bank online (rman) and appears this errorORA-00230:   INF - RMAN-00571: =========================================================== INF - RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLL...

Luiz_LD by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup email notification

i had customize email notification for my netbackup .. my question is . i have policy with 26 streams and i want to receive email about the parent job only not each stream .. how can i do it 

Resolved! GRT on virtual tape

i want to backup Active Directory and Exchange using GRT but i am facing a problem with GRT technology, GRT needs physical disk i have a virtual taope which means disks but seen by netbackup as a virtual tape , how can i make the GRT works with this ...

Support to RDX

Dear Sir/Madam, The market is talking about RDX to replace entry level/EOL mid-range level tape drive.  I would like to know about RDX is support by NetBackup now? I am looking forward of Prostor/Imation/Tandberg RDX Library system before decided go ...

Resolved! Unable to sense robotic device

NetBackup 6.5 on Solaris 9 (SPARC), with a fibre-attached robot. Server lost power. When it came up, the robot was unavailable. /var/adm/messages complained May 18 10:08:15 thackeray tldcd[326]: [ID 985024 daemon.error] TLD(0) key = 0x5, asc = 0x24,...

Glo by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup 7.0.1 and IBM LTO3 what driver

Hi   I have netbackup 7.0.1 running on Windows 2003 SP2 I have a Data Domain VTL configured and the drives present as IBM LTO3 drives to the server. What windows driver should I be using for these tape drive I tried an IBM driver but it would not loa...

Resolved! Upgrade issue

I have serious problem in my customer site. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Site infra   Master server : AIX 5.2 (1ea)   Media server : AIX 5.2 or AIX 5.3 (16ea) and Windows 2003 server (3ea) ...

Jung-kuk_Lim by Level 3
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BMR Device & Drivers Architecture Question

When trying to configure a BMR from old Windows OS hardware to Windows OS new hardware, I run into this issue. In the Device & Driver config, the displayed architecture is x86. The new hardware is AMD64. While I have both sets of drivers in the "Pac...

Resolved! What is VTL and how it works?

Hi Team, I am new to the VTL. I know the meaning of VTL ( Virtual Tape library), but I do not know how it works. We have VTL netapp1400, but I couldn't found the required manual docs. I know some basic terminology on VTL ,like cloning, Front through...

Baski by Level 5
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Resource not attocate in netbackup

Hi friends, please help.all backup in activity monitor are going in queue.not allocate drive. i am using nbu6.5.3. drives are visible. but not assign for backup. please help. Reagards Anjan

Resolved! emmlib_GetHost failed

Hello all, tldd deamon on one of my media server keeps dying, the following error is reported: tldd[12244]: [ID 897165 daemon.error] emmlib_GetHost failed, status=328 tldd[12244]: [ID 632197 daemon.error] No robots are configured - Bad file number tl...

rudaz by Level 2
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Script is required

Hi I need to send a mail to all stake holders, where the backup is completed succefully or not.  This is to be against a policy.  All these days i am getting the information from reports by doing manually.  I would like to automate this process. Is...


Can any one explain, what is catalog backup?

Resolved! How to check what are the files are backed up.

Hi I would like to know what are the files are backed up against a client and against a policy on a particular day or particular period. I have tried to use bplist and bpflist commands.  But the strange thing is i am able to see the images using BA...