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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! NBU 10.3 Is Oracle KVM Backup supported?

Was searching the documentation guide (Admin and Oracle) but could not find any mentions of Oracle KVM backups. Is it possible? If so, may the doc be provided please?

Resolved! Oracle RMAN job starts another job (copied)

Hi,We have an Oracle job (Archive log, Full) set with an RMAN script which works fine and now we'd like to have another copy of this job in another storage. So I simply created a job from the original one and changed the storage destination to the ne...

mhdganji by Level 3
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Replication director with Oracle

Hi,I am asking about certain setup for Replication director.. and if it is applicable because i am building a use case to use the replication director with the NetApp..first.. the environment is a clustered master server NBU 8.1.2 on win 2012R2..with...

Backup Oracle keep connection status

Hi everyone,Good day, i just want to know, how netbackup progress backup oracle database, because i have issue my job backup details keep connecting, i'm not sure that mean keep connecting, 1 server oracel have many instance, the rest instance succes...

Restoring Oracle Backups taken using Oracle Intelligent policies

How can we perform a restore to the same client and to alternate client when we are backing up Oracle Database using Oracle Intelligent Policies.We dont have java installed on the client and we cannnot onvoke the BAR GUI on all Oracle Clients in my e...

67532 by Level 3
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Backing up Oracle ZFS 7120 to Tape using NetBackUp

Hi Everyone,Earlier today my Oracle DBA asked if I am able to backup his Oracle ZFS 7120 appliance with Netbackup, today was the first time I've heard of ZFS. He wants to perform a weekly full of the whole ZFS drive, which is about 10 TB and back it ...

Resolved! NBU Oracle GUI not there

HI Team, Problem Statement= i cannot see gui to create template for ORACLE_BACKUP. In my environment,  Master/Media Server = Solaris 10 on LDOM--- Storage= DISK Client = Solaris 10 on LDOM ---   Oracle database version =    ...

Resolved! Data centre migration - NetBackup BMR for Solaris clients

Need some advise on migration strategy to migrate Solaris based physical clients from one DC to another. The target DC is a different NetBackup domain. The client data is hosted on EMC and NetApp storage. There is no network connectivity between sour...

Itegral by Level 6
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Multiple restores on one Solaris media server

I am trying to do two restores at once on a Solaris media server. One job runs fast and one job runs very slow. The problem is, when the fast job completes, the slow job remains slow. The slow job now has plenty of SAN bandwidth but never increases s...

Resolved! bpflist returns "no entity was found" for existing backup id

Background: I have an Oracle 10gR2 database that runs on a Solaris 10 server.  Backups go through NetBackup 7.1 which runs on a Windows server. When I run the bpimmedia command for my production Oracle database, I see information like this: bpimmedia...

Rman backup failed with status 6, child job with error 21

  Hi All,    I have a case of Netbackup having problem backing up oracle database on Solaris 10 client. The parent job will fail with eror status 6, with 1 or 2 child job having error code status 21 on creating data socket portion. Majority of the ch...

SSOESVR by Level 3
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Resolved! Referencing wrong boot server

  Hi, When I run the bmrsrtadm script on the master server it is referencing the incorrect server. When I run the script I am getting the below error where it is using the host name and IP address of one of the hosts that I am backing up as the boot ...

Resolved! Cannot backup oracle by hot_database_backup script

Daer All   I want to backup oracle by hot_database_backup script.The script modified follow Italic lines.   @REM $Header: hot_database_backup.cmd,v 1.4 2010/08/04 17:55:57 $   @REM bcpyrght @REM *******************************************************...

Resolved! Backing up a host over the secondary NIC on Media Server

Hi, Is it possible to use the secondary interface for backing up a host rather than the primary. Both have connectivity to the host that I want to backup. The secondary interface is plumbed on the same VLAN as the host so I would prefer that it uses ...

Resolved! Oracle backups doing very slow, potentionally failing with status 13

Hello Netbackup experts! I'm facing couple of weeks to problem with one client. There is running a oracle online backup to tape via sbt_tape Oracle version is 10.2. running on solaris 10 client, netbackup version 6.5.6 Netbackup MS is 6.5.6 version, ...

frena by Level 3
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Resolved! Upgrade 6.5 to NETBACKUP 7.5

In my LIVE Env, i have SUN machine SPARC Entry Server. NetBackup 6.5 master/media on it. Requirement is to upgrade it to 7.5 Master/Media and clients ORACLE RMAN Backups on solaris machines.   kindly correct me if i am wrong. the steps i will follow ...