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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! net backup simulators

Hiii all,   Iam new to this symentic backup I am very much intersted in backup i have seen sysmentic backup used to one of my clients and I am learning it now, I am reading the two NetBackup7.5_AdminGuideI_UNIXServer pdfs but iam not able to practi...

Resolved! NetBackup Support for Solaris 11 Kernel Zone

Hi, Does NetBackup support backup Solaris 11.2 Kernel zones? The published tech note on Solaris virtulization support almost 1 year old. ( Has Symantec published an updated ...

Resolved! All Local Drives - How is it determined?

I was asked this question today and I do not know the answer. What does Netbackup use to determine what drives are local to the file system for Windows, Unix and linux clients when usinf the "All_Local_drives" directive?  Thanks

bpstart_notify remote ssh hangs

Hi, I have been using the remote ssh commad execution with AIX hosts running NBU 7.0. Later the applications were migrated to Solaris 11 and with NBU We have ported the same scripts to the new hosts. The scripts run as expected when run man...

mahesh_Wijenaya by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup Policies list are not generating in GUI for a ID alone

Hello Guru's, Need your advise and help how to move on this below issue, facing problem  opening the policies in GUI using one ID , same time if we use other ID's its working fine and taking long time to populate the policies in GUI cosole.  Please...

Resolved! Port 2821 Low level encryption

I'm getting a positive hit on a retina scan for low level encryption (Audit ID: 12237). The scan states that it is set to 56 bit. I need to change to 128-bit to comply. It is getting the hit on port 2821 and the service on the port is vrts-at-p...

Resolved! What NBU 7.6 client is compatible with CentOS 5.8 and 6.x?

I am implementing NBU 7.6 but I don't see a backup agent specific to CentOS.   Should I be using the RedHat agent that's specific to my CentOS build (given that they are binary duplicates of each other, outside of the RedHat kernel branding), or is t...

Resolved! NetBackup 6.5 client on Debian 6

Hi   We have plan to install and run netbackup 6.5 client on debian 6(squeez). But the netbackup 6.5 client does not support debian 6 officially   Did anyone success to run netbackup 6.5 on debian 6?   Thanks

Novell novfs backup failing

We have a legacy Novell server we need to backup and archive before we turn it off. We have used Novell's latest, fully patched NovellClient to mount the file system on a SuSE Enterprise Linux system, also latest and patched. When we run a full backu...

Resolved! Remote Java Admin Console will not connect to master

I have Netbackup 7.0 running on Red Hat 5.  We are moving the tape rotation responsibilities to people who do not use Linux. I have installed the newest Java Remote Admin console on the windows computers, open firewall ports for 1556 and 13724 on the...

savona by Level 4
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Resolved! BMR error SUSE 10 SP1 x64

Hi all I have a master server with Netbackup on Windows 2008 R2 My client is en SUSE 10 SP1 with Netbackup client When i launch a full backup with BRM options activated, 2 jobs appear First job is tfinished in state partial successful...

Olivier30 by Level 4
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archive bit

Is there any one knows why archive bit ? and who controle archive bit ? how server  find archive bit  status?

DB2 Restore Solution

Guys, I backup db2 using NBU 7.5 with a script and it all backups fine.  Now I need to restore it to the same server under as a different database on the same server.  I looked all day long and I am completely confused.  I have checked the following ...

Resolved! SLP

What is SLP? why SLP? what are the disadvantages and advantages of SLP? is there is any alternative is there for slp? what is deduplication can u give an example for deduplication?

SAP Policies & Schedules & Automated Duplication

We have a policy which contains clients based on the SAP backup type We aren't defining any of the variables within the utl file, therefore they are being passed by the sap_online_backup script However, this method doesn't utilize the SLP associated ...

Running multiple NDMP backups from one host

I'm just wondering if anyone has successfully got this working ?  My NAS host is a Bluearc (now HDS) attached to a Scaler i500 with 3 LTO6 drives and I'm running NetBackup 7.5 It seems that no matter how much I try, I can never get a policy to stream...