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Resolved! Vaulted emails and delegations

Hi.  We have users who receive delegation to other users emails.  Our domain policy is vaulting the emails after 90 days.  When the user goes into the vaulted emails that have been vaulted under someone else's username, they are not able to download ...

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Resolved! Outlook Shared Mailbox Vault

  I’m running into one hold up with how I need to use the Vault of a Shared Mailbox. When logged into Outlook as the shared mailbox profile everything works as expected, I can move emails into the Vault, delete emails in the Vault, etc. However, when...

Resolved! Enterprise vault archiving & retrival process.

Hi, I am trying to understand the background process involved’ 1. While double click on EV shortcut. 2. Archive task determines an eligible mail item. 3. While clicking on Restore from vault. Thanks, Suresh S

Resolved! Managed Retention Folders and Expiry

Hello All,    I have a quick question and I am new to EV so please bare with me.  Currently our organization has a default retention policy for all messages that retains forever and Expiry is disabled.  Exchange 2007 Managed Custom Folders have been ...

Resolved! Export journal to PST failing

Hi, all. I need to export our journal archive into PST files to migrate it to MIMECast. I've already exported 201 GB of personal archives into PSTs with no problems. Whenever I do the journal account, it gets to PST number 28 (about 15GB) and fails. ...

Resolved! SEV 8 Collection and empty folders

We have collections enabled on our journaling stores.  the information is collected and stored in cab files correctly but the original folders structure stay intact.  These folders are empty and don’t seem to be used.  We use netbackup for backup.  N...

Resolved! Querying Archive/mailbox size from EV SQL server

I'm trying to create a inventory of the archives in our EV environment. I'm looking for a way to find out the size of the archive related to a Exchange(2003) mailbox. 1. Is the size of the archive ( sum of size of the mails archived per mailbox) stor...

Resolved! EV on distributed Exchange Environnement

Hi,   I 'm trying to install EV on a distributed Exchange Environnement composed of 1 server handling the CAS/Hub Roles and 1 server handling the mailbox role. Until trying to access on archived mail from OWA, I had no trouble. But since I wanted to ...

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Resolved! EV 9.0.1 FRS when will this be avaliable ?

File Replication Service (FRS) Unfortunately FRS does not recognize Placeholders; therefore, it cannot be used on DFS shares that have been archived. According to the compatibilty chart this has got a p" code stand for pending, does anyone know the ...

EV icons/button missing on OWA page

  Hi,   I am new to EV, Exchange and IIS server.  I have installed exchange 2007 with OWA extensions in one server and EV(I believe its 2007)on another server - all are windows 2008 and IIS 7 servers   My requirement is that I need to run OWA applica...